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centre of the body location of the soul home of our intuition  

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our story

With 13 years of hospitality experience both in London and Australia, Kiara is well-versed in customer service, multi-tasking and what people want. 

Learning from coffee's best in Melbourne and managing a busy bar at Workshop Coffee in London, hostessing and waitressing at The Clove Club, and everything in between has brought Kiara a fine-tuned array of skills taking the best from each world.

Since graduating from culinary school in Sweden 18 years ago, Tess has worked with some of the best in the industry including Fifteen, Zetter, Firmdale and Sketch, as well as high end international kitchens.

Her years as head pastry chef at St John sparked a love for seasonal and sustainable cooking. 

HARA was born from our need to create something more, a vision for a future based around community coming together over food to learn and share.


• H A R A •


In eastern medicine and martial arts the HARA is the energetic centre of the body. 

This middle and power centre is our true strength, our gut intuition and the root of every emotion, feeling and decision we make. 

This ethos of connecting with our centre, our inner knowledge and second brain, is what makes us HARA. 

We love to provide our family and friends with delicious, nourishing, sustainable food for the body and soul.