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HARA x MML : MOON LAB 17th April : Libra full moon

Mylky Moon Lab x HARA are uniting to bring you monthly MOON LABS at HARA's East London cafe. Our aim with the Labs is to promote cyclical living and connection to natural rhythms in an interactive way through ritual, meditation, chats and beautifully curated food. 

What will we do?

  • RITUAL - around the moon - intention setting / letting go

  • PAUSE - meditation

  • PRACTICE - take home practice for your own moon rituals

  • NOURISH -  food inspired by the moon phase

  • LEARN - about the lunar phases, cyclical living and the impact of astrology

  • SHARE - at this co-created evening, feel free to share your experiences, joys, challenges and insights

The Moon Labs are

  • a community gathering

  • open for everyone, no need to know about moon, rituals or astrology

  • monthly reminders to take a breather and re-connect with yourself and each other, as well as with the ever-changing nature around us

  • a get together for like minded people, interested in living and working in a conscious and grounded way