My Neighbours The Dumplings

Since we first got together to start discussing our shared ideas and dreams in summer of 2016, Tess and I have had weekly meetings planning, discussing and taking notes.

Eventually we got to it and set up our first pop up at My Neighbours the Dumplings in August 2017. 

Run by a couple who started themselves as a popup, they were a perfect spot for our very first pop up venture. Their new back garden was a beautiful location for us, perhaps a little quiet on the footfall being on a side street in a quiet part of Clapton, but Bec + Kris were welcoming, nurturing and supportive of us and it was a great start.

Our 4 weekends there were a busy learning curve, we made it through and saw most of our friends come in to support us as well as some locals, who seemed pleasantly surprised to find us there.

Perhaps 4 weeks isn’t enough to establish yourself when you’re new and unknown and tucked away down a side street in Lower Clapton. We managed to cover our expenses and it was a great place to start our business with a beautiful, homey setting.