The Institute of Light

We had 2 weeks off before our second popup - a longer run of 9 weekends - at The Institute of Light near London Fields. This time we were much more organised, and were able to store our equipment on location as well as use the kitchen in the week for prep - both life changing facts which made things a whole lot easier in those early morning starts.

In the 9 weekends we served brunch from the archway on a quiet street near the busy London Fields, we built up a following of locals wanting something different - which we proudly offered.

We flyered the area, told everyone who’d listen and pushed social media to try and build a following and get people down the quiet street and through the doors.

Some days were busier than others, but overall we had less friends and more unknowns -  a very exciting thing really. We also had a lot of repeat business, I guess we’re doing something right!

It was a pleasure to see people come through the door and even come back, tell their friends, and generally just enjoy what we put so much work into offering.

We didn’t need to but we changed our menu every week, we wanted to play around with our offerings, test ourselves and build a repertoire of menu items we can pull from going forward - changing the garnish for seasonality, with some favourites that stayed firmly through popular demand.

It made a lot more work but we saw the worth, enjoyed the challenge and like the restaurant approach to keeping the menu fresh and exciting.

I dont think we’ll always change everything weekly, perhaps monthly, but it keeps us in the habit of refreshing our menu, seeing what’s selling and what’s not, making sure most of what we serve is in season as we buy from a farmer’s market, and pushing ourselves to get creative - how can we make pumpkin or beetroot or parsnips exciting again and again?