2018 to 2019

More than a year into running our business as pop ups, we finally found a site for our permanent cafe.

After searching for months, sites falling through and almost losing hope, we found an awesome site in the location we really wanted, and it was a successful cafe before, and it wasn’t crazy expensive…

We spent 3 weeks renovating minimally, doing most of it ourselves. We transformed the bathroom, created a real kitchen, painted, sanded, sawed, drilled, grouted, rewired lights and everything in between. It’s actually quite empowering realising that you can learn from YouTube and just do it yourself! It’s also such an incredible feeling to have done it yourself, and it actually works, or stands up, or people appreciate how beautiful it is!

We opened the doors to our beautiful homey cafe in October 2018 and were immediately greeted by local residents, workers and our old regulars who miraculously hadn’t forgotten us!

It was and is still a pure joy to be here in our new home every day, serving the people who choose to come in and eat with us.

Having both spent years in the industry in many different venues, it’s crazy how different it is to have your own space and work for yourself.

The hospitality industry is full of jaded and slightly bitter people. It’s hard work, crazy long hours, crap pay and to top it off you’re often not very respected and sometimes spoken to like sh*t.

But when you have your own place, some how everything changes, even when you’ve spent endless months working your ass off without pay.

We’re so incredibly lucky to have the best customers, they’re friendly, and grateful that we’re here.

And we are beyond grateful to every person who steps into our home, choosing to spend their money here, coming to enjoy our food, coffees and everything else we offer, appreciating what we do and the work and soul that gets poured into everything HARA.

We took a few weeks off over Christmas and New Years and came back to customers who were so happy we were back. It’s so good to be home.

This new year brings new exciting things…our curated experiences can finally take off now that we have a home.

Check our events page and stay tuned to announcements on the site, on social media and on our community board in the cafe.

There will be dinners by us, and by friends of ours, workshops, classes, talks, drawing courses, run clubs and more.

If you have ideas, skills or talents you’d like to share come and chat to us or send us an email.

We’d love to hear from you!